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Bow Window Replacement

Often grouped together with bay windows, bow windows boast their own unique style. Featuring classic designs with multiple uses, they are perfect for the homeowner seeking a stylish way to add value to their home while saving money.

Beautifully Designed

Typically consisting of four or more casement windows, a bow window features an elegant curved structure that gives a rounded appearance to a home’s exterior. More than an attractive addition to your home’s curb appeal, these windows also increase the functionality of your space by creating a projection, resulting in a cozy nook that can be used for reading, relaxing and more. Thanks to their spacious glass panes, these windows produce stunning views and contribute to bright and open atmospheres.

Highly Versatile

Because of their customization options, bow windows incorporate beautifully into any home’s decor. Great for custom designs, they are available in several different styles, and you can choose from fixed options, venting varieties or any combination of the two. Equally flexible in their placements, these windows can benefit any room that needs more light, but they are most commonly found in kitchens, living rooms and master bedrooms.

When to Replace

Going beyond simple style, bow windows can actually contribute to the comfort and quality of your home’s interior, but it’s important to know when to replace them in order to make the most of their benefits. Here are a few quick tips to help you recognize the right time to replace your windows.

  • Drafts: Windows wear out as time goes by, allowing outdoor air to infiltrate your home. Whether caused by a warped frame, tiny crack or failed sealant, drafts are common in older windows, and the only permanent solution to this breezy problem is window replacement. Not only will you enjoy a warmer home with new windows, but you should also notice lower utility bills, especially if you choose energy-efficient replacements.
  • Noise: If you live on a busy street and notice more sounds than usual, it may be time to replace your windows, and choosing a dual-pane style can drastically reduce the noise level in your home.
  • Fading: Are your drapes, artwork and furniture not as bold and colorful as they once were? If so, you may be the victim of ultraviolet radiation. When exposed to direct sunlight, such materials can fade quickly, but upgrading your windows to those with built-in UV protection can reduce such fading and extend the life of your decor.

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