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What Is Included in a Roof Replacement?

Oct 28, 2021

A new roof on a luxury homeMany homeowners will only have to replace their roof once in their lifetime, so it’s not surprising if you’re unfamiliar with all of the factors that go into a roof installation project. Of course, the most important step in the process, as is the case with any home improvement project, is finding a roofing company that offers top-quality work.

The Steps of a Roof Replacement Project

Having a new roof installed on your home isn’t as simple as tearing off the old shingles and installing new ones. A well-made roofing system includes a variety of important elements that all work together to provide the long-term protection your home deserves.

These include:

  • A solid roof deck that is free of rot and able to adequately support your new roof
  • Waterproofing underlayment that protects your roof’s most vulnerable areas, including its hips, ridges, and valleys
  • A second layer of underlayment that provides leak protection for the entire surface of your roof
  • Starter shingles that protect the areas of the roof that need to be fortified against strong winds, including the eaves and gables
  • Your preferred asphalt shingles; options include strip, dimensional, luxury, and designer shingles
  • Proper ventilation elements to help keep attic temperatures down and prevent premature roof deterioration
  • Accessory shingles that provide an extra layer of weather protection for the hip and ridge lines

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