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What Are the Advantages of Vinyl Siding?

Sep 29, 2021

A luxurious home with dark grey vinyl sidingIf you’re doing your research about the different types of siding available for your New Jersey home, you’re probably reading a lot about the benefits of vinyl siding. It’s become the most popular option for homeowners these days so there must be positives, but what exactly are the advantages of vinyl siding installation?

Here are some of the main reasons why vinyl siding has become the go-to choice among homeowners:

It Costs Less

Vinyl siding is one of the most cost-effective options on the market, as it costs less to manufacture than wood, composite, and fiber cement siding. It’s also fairly easy to mount, so you’ll save on installation costs.

It’s Versatile

No matter what look you’ve been envisioning for your home, there’s a vinyl siding product that can make it a reality. Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of styles and colors and can provide the look of natural wood that you want for your home.

It’s Remarkably Durable

Vinyl siding can stand up to hail and strong winds and isn’t affected by moisture, which can cause other types of siding to rot or corrode.

It Requires Little Upkeep

If you’re tired of having to repaint or re-stain your wood siding, vinyl is the perfect choice. It never needs to be sanded, stained, or painted and can be kept looking sparkling new with a hose and water.

It’s Energy Efficient

Most vinyl siding is installed with an insulated backing that wraps the home in a thermal blanket and helps reduce heat transfer.

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If you’re sold on the many benefits offered by vinyl siding and interested in having it installed on your NJ home, look to Window & Door Outlet, Inc. We offer vinyl siding from two of the top manufacturers in the industry—ProVia and CertainTeed—and our factory-trained technicians ensure that every installation is completed flawlessly.

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