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Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding?

Mar 31, 2021

House SidingIf an area of your home’s siding has deteriorated or has been damaged, you have an important decision to make. Should you have it repaired or replaced? Your siding not only impacts your home’s aesthetic appeal but also protects against inclement weather and helps improve energy efficiency. So when your siding is damaged, you’ll want to do whatever is necessary to ensure that your home is receiving optimal protection.

Are Repairs Enough?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of siding you have and how extensive the damage is. If your current siding is made of wood and is starting to rot in a small area, this might only be the beginning of your problems. While repairs might provide a temporary fix, there’s a good chance that other areas will rot as well. Other factors to consider if you opt for repairs include curb appeal, as the new siding might not be a perfect color match due to fading. And, if your original issue is mold growth, there might be a larger underlying problem that will only be revealed if your siding is removed completely.

Siding Replacement

While your costs will certainly be greater if you choose to replace your siding, you could give yourself a break from never-ending repairs by having long-lasting vinyl or fiber cement siding installed by Window & Door Outlet, Inc. Our products come from top manufacturers and are engineered to provide many years of worry-free protection in the New Jersey climate.

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