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What Is the Difference Between Awning & Casement Windows?

Jul 29, 2021

A white casement window in a bathroomAwning and casement windows are two of the most popular styles among New Jersey homeowners, as they feature several similarities. However, their differences are notable enough that they’re often chosen for distinctly different areas of a home. So what are the differences between awning and casement windows? Let’s take a look:

Comparing Window Styles

As the name indicates, awning windows resemble a traditional window awning. They’re hinged at the top and open away from the home, and can be operated by a hand crank. They’re a great option for tight spaces where ventilation is a necessity, so they’re often found in basements, bathrooms, and above kitchen sinks. They can also remain open during a light rain since they provide protection against rain entering the home.

Casement windows also attach to the frame in one spot and open using a hand crank, but they’re hinged on the side. They are often used in openings that have greater height than width, and some homeowners choose to fill a large window opening with a bank of casement windows installed side by side.

As for their similarities, awning and casement windows are both easy to operate and allow for maximum ventilation, and since they feature a hand crank, they form an excellent seal against air drafts when closed properly.

The NJ Window Experts

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