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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Jul 29, 2021

Dark blue vinyl siding on a home's exteriorIs your home’s siding fading and starting to show its age? Have you been considering giving it a new paint job in the hopes of restoring its curb appeal without having to replace it? Before you proceed, you may want to consider some of the pros and cons of painting siding. Once you do, you may decide that painting your siding is a waste of time and money, and that replacing it may be a more cost-effective option.

The Pros & Cons of Painting Vinyl Siding

If your siding is relatively new and you’ve decided that you want your home’s exterior to be a specific color that siding companies don’t offer, a new paint job may be a viable option. It’s crucial, however, that you use a proper paint that’s guaranteed to adhere well to vinyl. On the other hand, painting your siding probably isn’t a wise idea if:

  • It’s old enough that it will most likely need to be replaced sometime soon
  • Constant weather exposure has led to damage and it has developed gaps that moisture can seep through
  • Your painting costs won’t be much less than the cost of having new siding installed

Also, be sure to review your warranty before painting your vinyl siding, as there’s a chance that it could be voided by a new paint job.

Experienced Vinyl Siding Installers

If you’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages and decided that you’re better off replacing the vinyl siding on your NJ home, look to Window & Door Outlet, Inc. We install high-performance vinyl and fiber cement siding products that will upgrade your home’s curb appeal while providing many years of reliable protection against the elements.

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