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Basement Windows

Most homes have basements in today’s world, but few offer enough light for comfortable living. Despite representing roughly a third of a home’s size, homeowners often underutilize their basements in favor of scarce above-ground floor space. Basement windows can enable owners of both new and existing homes to get more sunlight into these spaces and, therefore, open up exciting possibilities for new rooms. Instead of letting their basements go to waste, homeowners in New Jersey should consider how basement windows can help get more out of an existing property.

Types of Basement Windows

Homeowners should plan ahead for a new basement by exploring the wide variety window types available. Drop ceiling windows are usually about a foot high and are positioned at the top of a wall. These windows are very common because they are practical for ordinary basements that are fully buried with dirt. Even with fully submerged basements, though, homeowners can still dig window wells an extra couple of feet deeper to position egress windows that offer more light. However, the deeper that window wells become, the less light that gets through. Many homeowners, therefore, choose to excavate the dirt encompassing a section of their basement’s perimeter to allow for higher windows. Regardless of which type of window is selected, picking the most appropriate window can make a basement truly feel like home.

Replacement Windows Styles

Replacement windows are available in a wide variety of styles to match the diverse needs of homeowners. Some windows are designed to make a basement look like an ordinary above-ground room. These windows are available in the usual wooden or composite materials. Other windows are designed to take advantage of a basement’s unique needs by including features such as noise reduction or extra ventilation. There are even windows that can block UV light for safer living. Homeowners should carefully consider the different styles of windows available to get the most out of a basement remodeling project.

Benefits of Replacement

Replacing existing basement windows can be a good option for homeowners who are considering moving to a new property due to dissatisfaction with their current windows. A homeowner might want new windows for cosmetic purposes to match new interior designs. Replacement windows can be a good option for homeowners looking to remodel an area of their basement for entertaining guests. There are also utilitarian reasons for window replacement, such as the long-term energy savings offered by the insulated windows available today.

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